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This Man Carves Amazing Tree Sculptures with a Chainsaw

Simon O'Rourke is a talented sculptor that creates detailed works of art from trees using his creativity — and his chainsaw.

When O'Rourke was young, he had dreams of creating illustrations in children's books. He graduated with honors in illustration and thought he was on his way to his dream career. But the creative hopeful needed money, so he went to work helping diseased and damaged trunks as a tree surgeon. During that time, he got a publishing commission but still didn't leave his job as a tree surgeon. His side job ultimately led to his true passion: carving.

"In the time that followed, I did not pursue my illustration career," he wrote on his website. "But I realized I could actually be creative with the chainsaw and tried my hand at wood carving."

Since then, O'Rourke's chainsaw carving career has led him to competitions in the U.S., Canada, Japan and the U.K. He usually places pretty high at these events, and that will come as no surprise once you view his carvings. His attention to detail is impeccable, especially when you realize the size of the chainsaw he's working with.

"I love that something so destructive can create beauty when used in the right way," he said.

O'Rourke has created all different types of sculptures. He's carved monks, wolves, dragons, fairies and human forms out of trees. His unique talent has earned him over 11,000 fans on Facebook and counting.

Check out O'Rourke's official website to see more of his impressive chainsaw carvings.

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