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Trap Mosquitoes for Good with this $15 DIY Trick

Summer means camping, outdoor barbecues and sitting by the lake. That is until the mosquitoes show up and leave behind a wake of destruction and itchy discomfort.

Candles, nets, sprays and little, personalized chemical fans all claim to keep mosquitoes away. But you don’t need fancy products in order to enjoy that night camping or having a picnic.

YouTuber NightHawkInLight has the perfect way to keep away unpleasant insects and actually decrease the density of their population. In even better news, it only costs $15.00 to make.

Inspired by a fellow YouTuber named Dan Rojas, he takes a large box fan and sets it up with the back (where the air gets sucked in) facing toward the camping or party area.

Then he cuts a square of window screen to fit the back of the fan perfectly. He ties it into place with a zip tie in each corner and turns on his new gadget.

The noise and warmth from the fan attract the mosquitoes and the suction traps them in place.

When you’re ready to pack up just spray your DIY trap with a little rubbing alcohol to clean the screen and rid yourself of those pesky bugs.

If you happen to be far from a power source, NightHawkInLight suggests bringing along a portable battery and you’ll be ready to go.

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Trap Mosquitoes for Good with this $15 DIY Trick