This Historic Train Depot was Transformed into a Stunning Country Home

In Phoenix, Ariz. there’s a historic house sitting atop a beautiful hillside. But what makes this home special isn’t the gorgeous views or its age, it’s the building’s history. This home was once a busy train depot, and it’s now on the market for a new owner.

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First built in 1898 in Meyer, Ariz. to service the Santa Fe Railway, the train station was moved from it’s original location to the hilltop where it now sits in 1963 by Arizona Highways editor Don Dedera.

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In a story that made national news at the time, Dedera had the depot moved up the highway using two cranes to lift it onto the hill. There he worked to turn it into the perfect home.

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The depot itself was too small to make a complete home. So Dedera added new rooms around it to enlarge the house. The home now has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. A gorgeous back patio overlooks the colorful Arizona landscape.

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The interior is surprisingly modern given the home’s historic status, and there are gorgeous upgrades throughout.

There are still recognizable train station elements to the home though. The ticket window, for example, still remains inside.

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Will Athur and his wife have lived in the train depot house for the past 13 years, and they spent the last year renovating it. They’re finally ready to part with the unique residence, and they’ve listed the train depot home for $920,000.

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