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Trader Joe's Debuts the Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie of Your Dreams

Pour yourself a big glass (or pitcher) of milk - you're going to need it to wash down Trader Joe's newest dessert, the Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie. Convenient enough to be cooked in the microwave or the oven, this childhood dessert can be prepared without dirtying a bowl or spoon.

Delicious and gooey, the deep dish dessert is made to serve ten but we all know that four or five serious cookie-lovers could polish it off in a sitting. No judging here, we know how good a warm chocolate chip cookie is.

Deep Dish chocolate Chip Cookie

Trader Joe's

According to the package instructions, the cookie is ready to serve within minutes. Simply remove the frozen cookie tin from the box and cook either in the microwave or oven until heated through and warm. We suggest adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Go big or go home.

Unlike most packaged cookie doughs which are made up of dozens of ingredients we can't even begin to pronounce, the Trader Joe's version is made up of all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Made with unbleached flour, sugar, real butter, brown sugar, molasses, sea salt and real chocolate chunks, this cookie is the closest thing to homemade you'll find on the shelves.

With each 16 oz. box running for only $3.99, it's a small price to pay for a dessert this good.

How to Make Your Own Skillet Cookies


Wide Open Eats

And while a giant chocolate chip cookie sounds like heaven on earth, we can't help but dream of other cookies that would be best eaten in the same way. In fact, it's super easy to make your own homemade version of the giant cookie using any cookie dough you have on hand. Try making yourself a giant cookie from our famous fudge brownie cookie recipe or even keep it totally original and make your own chocolate chip cookie in a cast iron skillet.

Buy or prepare cookie dough and press it into a cast iron skillet or even a round cake pan. The entire cookie takes about 20-30 minutes to bake so keep an eye out for how gooey you like your cookies. And as always, a scoop of vanilla ice cream will never hurt.

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