Tractors Become Off-Road Racers in This Insane Video [WATCH]


At this Russian tractor race, dirt gets turned up in more ways than one.

In this video, tractors take on a new life during an intense race over massive mounds of dirt and around sharp turns. With beefy tires and brightly-colored paint jobs, these pimped-out rides barrel through muddy water and rough terrain like there's no tomorrow. In the six-minute-long montage, you'll see tires burst and tractors flip and blast over dirt hills. It's enough to make you want to hop on the nearest John Deere and go a little crazy. Although, for your own safety, I don't recommend trying these stunts at home. These tractor operators have no worries about getting dirty or damaging equipment - They're just out for a little glory and a good time.

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Tractors Become Off-Road Racers in This Insane Video [WATCH]