Tractor Square Dancing is a Thing, and It’s Amazing

Screengrab via YouTube

County fairs and farm shows all over the country are adding a unique event to their schedules, and it may just be one of the most wonderfully redneck things we’ve ever seen: tractor square dancing. So, what is tractor square-dancing you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like – choreographed tractor riding in an arena.

Just like humans would normally while square dancing, the tractors pair off, promenade and spin around to music. It’s actually pretty mesmerizing to watch. Despite the fact that many have never heard of tractor dancing, this event has been going on for many years.

Below is a tractor square dancing video from a 2007 Pennsylvania Farm show. It definitely seems as though it takes a good deal of practice to pull off such moves in unison. The funniest part of the whole video has got to be the enthusiastic announcer.

So, if tractor pulls aren’t for you, don’t worry. This new event is here for your viewing pleasure. Next time you head to your local fair, check the event schedule for tractor square dancing. You may even be able pick up a few pointers to incorporate into your own dance moves.

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Tractor Square Dancing is a Thing, and It’s Amazing