Trace Adkins Got Rough with Mark Wahlberg on ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Set

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Mark Wahlberg’s newest movie, Deepwater Horizon, may cover a rather serious subject, but that doesn’t mean the crew didn’t have some fun on the set. Trace Adkins, who played a small part in the movie, even had the chance to throw Mark Wahlberg around – all in the name of great cinema.

Originally, Trace Adkins didn’t want to fly down to New Orleans for the part. The filming would only take a day and he didn’t feel it justified his time. However, that was before he learned that he got to throw Mark Wahlberg around the lobby of a hotel. Once his manager shared this tidbit of news, he was ready to go.

In a recent interview about the film, Adkins revealed his rather interesting experience with the film’s director, Peter Berg.

“He’s a very intense individual,” Atkins tells Radio.com. “He didn’t think he was getting the intensity from me that he wanted, he wanted me to get rough with Wahlberg, and I didn’t really want to. I didn’t want to hurt the guy. He started pushing me, and poking me in the chest, and cussing at me and pushing me against the wall, and he really made me mad.”

This was apparently enough to get Berg exactly what he was looking for from Adkins. At this point, the scene went on without any further problems.

Mark Wahlberg play Mike Williams, the main character in the film. In the film, Williams must find a way to survive when the oil rig he is working on becomes unstable.

The film reflects a true story. It honors those who lost their lives on the real “Deepwater Horizon” when it exploded in April 2010, claiming the lives of 11 men. The cleanup of the spilled oil took years to complete, and the families of the lost are still feeling the effects of the explosion to this day.

Deepwater Horizon will hit theaters on Sept 30.

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Trace Adkins Got Rough with Mark Wahlberg on ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Set