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Catch an Exclusive Sneak Peek at Trace Adkins' New Western, 'The Outsider'

Trace Adkins resumes his side gig as a grizzled, big-screen cowboy this Friday when The Outsider hits digital platforms and select theaters in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Tampa, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto. Today, Wide Open Country premieres an exclusive clip from the latest gritty western by filmmaker Timothy Woodward, Jr.

See the exclusive clip below.

Per the film's press release: "In search of a better life, a railroad worker (Jon Foo) unwittingly finds himself on the wrong side of a group of corrupt lawmen. As the marshal (Adkins) attempts to control his increasingly unethical town, tragedy strikes, forcing him to decide between justice and family. But through their inaction, they awaken a sleeping giant. And after teaming up with a disgraced former officer (Sean Patrick Flanery), the railroad worker sets out to wipe out the immoral group by any means necessary."

Other stars include Kaiwi Lyman and action film legend Danny Trejo.

Per Cowboys & Indians, initial scenes were filmed at the Paramount Ranch, the set for such legendary films and TV series as Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Gunsmoke, until the Nov. 2018 Woolsey fire destroyed an irreplaceable piece of history.

"The western genre holds a special place in my heart," Woodward told C&I. "Having another opportunity to work at an iconic location like Paramount Ranch was a dream come true. It was a sad day for western fans, and a blow to the film community, when the ranch succumbed to the fires that devastated a big portion of the state last fall."

It's not Adkins' first go-around as a western film star. He appears in two other Woodward films, Traded (2016) and Hickok (2017), plus recent remake of The Virginian (2014).

Fans of Adkins' acting chops will get another taste on Aug. 30 when the singer co-stars in the modern-day drama Bennett's War.

The Outsider is out in theaters and on VOD on June 14.

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