Trace Adkins Thanks Kids for Cards, Cookies Sent to U.S. Troops

Trace Adkins made a surprise appearance at an elementary school to thank kids for their gifts to U.S. troops.

Trace Adkins made a very special visit to California to thank kids for their gifts sent to U.S. troops overseas.

Adkins was visiting Kandahar, Afghanistan during his tenth USO tour when the troops received a package full of cookies and cards from the Girl Scouts in La Habra, California. The troop of scouts and other children sent over 1,000 boxes of cookies and letters to troops that were stationed in Kandahar.

After sifting through the box, Adkins picked out his favorite card and took a photo with it. The card was sent from 8-year-old Jessica Santos Alatorre, a second grader in La Habra's Library Homework Help program at Arbolita Elementary School. He made a promise to himself and to Jessica that he would one day return the card in person.

"I thought that I could put forth just a little bit of effort and actually find one of these kids and say hey, your card did make it to the soldiers and they appreciated it," Adkins told NBC Los Angeles. "That's all I really wanted to do."

On May 5, Adkins kept his promise by showing up at Arbolita Elementary with her card in hand. Alatorre said she made the card in between her homework assignments, and explained that she "didn't write words, but I meant to say I love you."

An estimated 58,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were donated to active service members and veterans from Orange County, California in the last year.

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Trace Adkins Thanks Kids for Cards, Cookies Sent to U.S. Troops