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Tour Diaries: Jordan Fletcher On Life on the Road and His Autobiographical EP 'True Stories'

Jordan Fletcher is one of the most recent country artists to make his debut at the Grand Ole Opry. The rising artist poured his life and soul into his autobiographical debut EP True Stories, which features songs about Fletcher's life as a father, husband, believer and artist.

Produced by Dave Cobb, True Stories showcases how honest of a songwriter Fletcher is, with songs like "Firebird," "I Know You Are, But What Am I," which celebrates his love story 11 years after high school, "Rather Be Broke," which was added to Sirius XM's Highway Finds in late 2021 and "Still Those Kids." Cobb is known for producing albums for Sturgill Simpson, John Prine, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell.

"All of my songs are autobiographical," Fletcher stated (quote via Music Row). "If I'm singing it, it will be true about me. If you watched a childhood video of me on VHS, this is what you would see. I'm not making this sh*t up or shying away from what I believe."

Fletcher's candid lyrics and soothing vocals are what attracted attention from fans and record labels. He has signed a management deal with Triple 8 management and a record deal with Triple Tigers. 

Wide Open Country was able to catch up with Fletcher to chat about life on the road, his interaction with fans, and to get some behind-the-scenes access to his daily life on tour.

1. What has been your favorite part of being on tour?

Playing my music to fans. That's the whole reason artists like myself get to make music for a living, and it's so gratifying to meet fans after the show and hear how they related to the songs.

2. How do you stay comfortable on the road? Do you have any pre-show, self-care routines?

At this stage in my career, comfort isn't always top of the list. We're all crammed in a van right now, and I drive wherever we go, so it's mainly just finding ways to make the drive feel shorter. When we get to the venue though, I usually go find a gym or something to do after soundcheck, take a shower and relax before we say a prayer and hit the stage.

3. Do you have any games/ routines to keep you occupied while traveling?

We'll usually all catch up on life and then dive into an album or a podcast to kill time. Or, make fun of the guitar player for how slow he eats waffles.

4. What artists do you listen to while traveling? Do you have any "on the road" playlists?

Depends on who's got the aux cord. My drummer is a BIG Anderson Paak guy. I'll usually play some [Red Hot Chili Peppers] or reggae with some country mixed in there.

5. How do you connect with fans while on tour?

For me, it's the meet 'n greet after the show. It's been tough with COVID, but whenever we can be safe I love getting to grab a picture and get to know the old and new fans.

6. Do you have a favorite or most meaningful memory of meeting a fan on tour?

There have been so many, but there was this one girl that gave me a picture of the stars the night my single was released. She put it in a nice frame and everything. She actually did it twice. It was super cool. I've also had a few people come up and open up about some tough stuff going on in their lives and how some of the songs have helped. It's a huge honor.

7. Favorite snack to eat on the road?


8. Did you bring family members with you on tour?

I'd love to, but it's just not really possible at this stage of my career. Hopefully one day we'll have a bus and I can bring the whole crew.