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Tour Diaries: Drew Green On Life on the Road and Meeting New Fans Along the Way


McMinnville, Tennessee native Drew Green is only getting started and he's making his name known in the country music world by showcasing what a powerhouse he is. The singer-songwriter began his stardom after being one of the writers behind Florida Georgia Line's "Colorado" for their Can't Say I Ain't Country album, which he co-wrote with Hunter Phelps and Hardy.

Green was officially signed the Sony Music Nashville in June 2020, releasing his debut single "Little More Be Alright," followed by his introductory EP, Dirt Boy Vol. 1 in September of that year. It was only uphill for the artist after Pandora named him an "Artist to Watch in 2021" soon after that.

In August of 2021, Green announced he would be opening for country music star Mitchell Tenpenny for his To Us It Did Tour, later releasing his sophomore project, Dirt Boy Vol 2. Recently, he also partnered up with Conner Smith to co-write his viral hit "I Hate Alabama" alongside Lee Starr and Nick Columbia. Not only that, but Amazon Music even named him an "Artist to Watch for 2022," and for a very good reason.

While on tour, Wide Open Country was able to catch up with Green to chat about life on the road, some behind the scene access to his daily life on tour, and how he connects with fans during shows.


1. What's your favorite part of being on tour?

My favorite thing about being on tour is seeing all these places and of course, making fans! I love that a lot of people on song one have never heard of me. For them to leave the show as a fan is the most rewarding feeling so far in my career.

2. How do you stay comfortable on the road? Do you have any pre-show, self-care routines?


I'm 6'3 so the sprinter van is pretty hard for me to ever be comfortable in, so we get an RV usually and to me it's just as nice as a bus, just less glamorous. My band members are all health nuts, so they keep me in line on the road!

3. Do you have any games/ routines to keep you occupied while traveling?

I'm a big gamer, so I'll bring my laptop and play some games. It's hard while the bus is moving so I mostly just rest during that time. Recently I've been playing a game called Rust (survival game) and it keeps my attention.

4. What artists do you listen to while traveling? Do you have any "on the road" playlists?


We all pass the AUX around, and since this is our first tour, we usually just play what inspires us. I show them some older country stuff and they show me some older stuff they liked. It's been fun.

5. How do you connect with fans while on tour?

There's a new app called "community" that basically just lets fans text me! I can go through there and chat with them about anything really.

6. Do you have a favorite or most meaningful memory of meeting a fan on tour?


I think my favorites are always kids! I love a story a mom or dad tells me about how their kid will cry if they don't get to hear a certain song before they go to school. Little stories like that make my day!

7. Favorite snack to eat on the road?

I'm a big chip eater. I love Doritos!

8. Do you bring family members with you on tour?


My photo/video director is my friend since college so he feels like family but I'll get my family into any show they want of course, but for this tour most shows are pretty far away.


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