Video Shows Incredible Rescue of Toddler Caught in Texas Tornado Outbreak

New raw footage shows an incredible, harrowing rescue of a toddler caught in flood waters during the recent deadly tornado in East Texas. It's not easy to watch, but just know that there's a happy ending.

Tom Mitchell shot video of the rescue effort on Saturday (April 29), just a few miles north of where a tornado ripped through Canton, Texas. That storm killed four people and injured 50 more. But the flood waters also wreaked havoc on drivers not in the immediate path of the tornado.

Mitchell tells WFAA he shared the video because it shows how "strangers all come together." In the clip, he approaches an overturned truck caught up in flood waters.

A few good samaritans continually attempt to wrench the doors open to get the occupants out. After testing the waters, Mitchell realizes the current is flowing too strongly for him to be of any help. So he films the events.

The strangers unite to open the truck doors as onlookers call for emergency medical help. Then, panic ensues. As soon as the good samaritans get the door open, they see the lifeless body of a trapped toddler.

"The infant is white, going blue-ish grey." Tom says. He immediately puts his phone in his pocket to try and help resuscitate the little girl. They place her on the hood of another car.

All you can hear is the audio of different people attempting to help, including the desperate prayers of bystanders. "In the name of Jesus, Lord, give him breath," one lady screams. Others plea for the baby to try as she gasps for air. "That's my daughter," the man screams.

Thankfully, others keep their composure and help the child. A nurse appears around the time the baby starts to breathe a little. Then, the video ends.

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The father of the child later updated Facebook, saying she's now doing well. They plan on taking her breathing tube out soon to see if she can breathe unassisted.

The whole video is dramatic and terrifying, but also shows the amazing will power of good samaritans helping in one of the worst scenarios imaginable.

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