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Texas Tornado Swirls Behind Couple in Dramatic Engagement Photos

A Texas couple's dramatic engagement photos in front of a swirling tornado have gone viral.

Alex Bartholomew is a storm chaser who planned on popping the question to his longtime girlfriend, Britney. Since he loves being out in the elements, Alex wanted to try and snag the perfect backdrop for his proposal.

Earlier this month, a severe storm system moved across the Texas panhandle. Alex grabbed Britney and hopped in the truck to chase down a reported tornado nearby. They finally spotted the twister and stopped to watch from a safe distance.

After they emerged from the car to see the amazing sight, Alex knelt down on one knee. A friend came along for the ride and documented the incredible moment. Now, those stunning pictures have gone viral.


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"I'm happy every one has found joy in our pictures," Britney told CBS News. "Honestly because not only is it a special moment between us but it feels like something that can bring joy to everyone else and that makes me happy."

The happy couple say they plan to get married along the Texas coast. Let's hope there will be plenty of sunny skies around for their big day.

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