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This San Diego Restaurant is Home of the Famous Top Gun Singing Scene

For those who haven't seen this '80s classic, Top Gun features Tom Cruise as a cocky, hotshot fighter pilot named Maverick. He's sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School, where he competes against Iceman to be the best and ends up learning a few extra lessons from a civilian instructor. One of the best scenes of the movie is when he and his buds serenade his love interest to the tune of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," which is playing on the jukebox. It turns out that you can visit the Top Gun Restaurant to relive this hilarious scene!

Top Gun Singing Scene

This famous scene is a fond memory for all Top Gun fans, as Maverick and his love interest, played by Kelly McGillis, reunite. For all the Top Gun aficionados who dream of reliving the movie, the bar in which this memorable scene occurred is still thriving in California! The "Top Gun Bar," Kansas City Barbeque, is a bar and restaurant in downtown San Diego.

This same restaurant was used for the scene in which Goose (Anthony Edwards) and Maverick (Tom Cruise) sing "Great Balls of Fire" from the piano. Kansas City BBQ was also the place where Meg Ryan yells out the well-known line: "Goose, you big stuud! Take me to bed or lose me forever!" Along with being used for the movie scenes, the Top Gun staff used to hold meetings there as well, before the flight training school relocated from Miramar to Nevada.

If you're wondering how all of this came to be, it was a simple matter of luck and chance. One afternoon, the location director for Paramount Studios visited Kansas City Barbeque for a beer. He liked the bar and mentioned it to film director Tony Scott, who then asked the owners if they could shut the restaurant down for a day to use it for shooting. They then returned a month later to shoot the ending scene, firmly solidifying Kansas City Barbeque as the Top Gun restaurant.

Kansas City Barbeque

Kansas City Barbeque was opened on Harbor Drive by Kansas City natives Cindy and Martin Blair. The restaurant had only been open for a few years when Top Gun used it as a set location, but it has now been open for almost 40 years! Along with serving finger lickin' good barbeque, Kansas City Barbeque caters to those in the armed services with specials, welcoming service and memorabilia.

If you ever find yourself in San Diego, make your way to the Kansas City Barbeque for a plate of baby back ribs or a pulled pork sandwich. For those limiting their indoor dining, you can always get takeout or delivery. If you love Top Gun or simply love a good meal, the Top Gun restaurant is the place to be.