Catchy Country Songs
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12 Catchy Country Songs That Always Get Stuck in Your Head


Country music has some of the best performers in American music, period. From Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks to Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, there are some true talents out there with some incredible top 10 hits for you to enjoy.

We've narrowed things down to the top 12 catchy country songs that Nashville has to offer.

1. "Break Up In A Small Town" - Sam Hunt

Let's be real - if this song and its "I Knew You Were Trouble" scale break down aren't enough to have you hitting the repeat button, I've lost faith in all things music. While the jury may be out on whether or not Hunt is truly country, there's no denying this song is a true earworm.


2. "Make Me Wanna" - Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is pretty catchy as a rule, and "Make Me Wanna" stands out from the rest with stellar guitar riffs and funky grooves. Rhett's single tackles typical country music themes but its catchy sound sets it apart.

3. "Cruise" - Florida Georgia Line, with or without Nelly

It's impossible to deny this song absolutely owned radio in 2013, and for good reason: love or hate Florida Georgia Line, this track is downright phenomenal, and was the standout soundtrack to summer. While it's faded in popularity, its ability to hype a crowd still stands the test of time.


4. "Kiss A Girl" - Keith Urban

This is one of those love songs that you hear on the radio and end up singing randomly for the rest of the day. Every time. Urban has a knack for catchy, feel-good music - "Long Hot Summer," "Sweet Thing," and "Days Go By" are standouts - and "Kiss A Girl" is no exception.

5. "Good Girl" - Carrie Underwood

Not only is this song plain addicting, but it's also a total pump-up, from boosting your commute mood to hitting those extra miles at the gym. Carrie kills catchy, and "Good Girl" is at the top of that list.


6. "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)" - Luke Bryan

Come on. If you try to say you haven't shaken it once or twice to this song, you're just lying to yourself, plain and simple. I'll admit it, I do. This Luke Bryan jam can get anyone up on their feet from that first iconic guitar intro.

7. "Summer Nights" - Rascal Flatts

This song is a life soundtrack in its own right and has defined a summer night for years. Maybe now it's in that delicate space of both current and classic, but it's one that never loses its appeal on those summer night playlists.

8. "Chicken Fried" - Zac Brown Band


Zac Brown knows how to describe summer. Much like Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett, Brown has the beachy, island life on lock, and whether you're in Carolina or Cancun, "Chicken Fried" is the soundtrack you never get sick of.

9. "Take A Back Road" - Rodney Atkins

This song was bro-country before bro-country, but whether that's good or bad, who cares: the bottom line is it's addicting as hell and perfectly describes that vibe. I don't even feel guilty about loving this song.

10. "Wake Up Lovin' You" - Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan could not capture the pain of a breakup more perfectly than with "Wake Up Lovin' You" (fun fact: written by members of upcoming group Old Dominion!) This song is a masterpiece and absolutely loop-worthy.


11. "Love You Like That" - Canaan Smith

Smith's a little bit newer to this group, and just starting to get airplay with this track, but if you don't know it, you're missing out. There's something undeniable about how great this song is, and absolutely deserving of major radio time.

12. "The Way You Love Me" - Faith Hill 

This one's older, but no less deserving of the catchy title. "The Way You Love Me" is a total classic, and Faith's pop-but-still-country vibe is hook, line, and sinker addicting. I wonder if her husband Tim McGraw provided any inspiration or if they were just meant to be?