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Tired of Your RV? Try These 10 Travel Vehicle Alternatives

RVs have always been a great option when it comes to domestic travel. They are convenient and allow you to enjoy your time away from home a lot more. However RVs aren't the only mode of transportation out there that provide you with a great way to stay comfortable on the road. There are several alternatives, from luxury tow-haulers to custom camper conversions.

Conversion Vans

Van conversions are recent travel trend because they are more affordable than RVs, and are more nimble than they larger cousins. While you might not think an ambulance would make for comfortable sleeping quarters, with a little creativity, they can be just that. Large commercial vans like the Sprinter offer ample space for modifactions.

Mountable Campers

Most people don't really want a camper permanently stuck to the back of their truck. That's why demountable options are such a great idea. This version sits neatly in the bed of your truck and has everything you would need to enjoy yourself away from home. After you finish with your trip, you simply take it off and store it.

The Cricket Trailer

The Cricket Trailer is a cross between an RV and a tent. It's designed for ease of use offers good protection from the elements. When it gets too warm, a breeze can travel through the cabin. It also has a pop-up roof, that takes just a few seconds to setup. The six-foot cabin offers ample head space.

Toy Haulers

Another great option to consider instead of an RV is a toy hauler. These setups are very similar to RVs, but put your supplemental vehicle in the towing role. Each model is a little different, but they typically include kitchenettes, sleeping quarters and even bathroom options.

Tent Campers

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Tried and true, tent campers are a great option because they are expandable and convenient. You get all the amenities of an RV but with the openness of a tent. Most designs expand to give you more room once you get to your destination. They also offer multiple floor plans so you can get exactly what you need for your trip.


Roadtrek has a number of models of travel luxury vans to choose from. Each offers a streamlined look and rugged design so that you can take them anywhere. There are also a number of sizes and interior layouts to choose from, or you can design you own. They include a fixed bathroom, large refrigerator and comfortable sleeping quarters perfect for traveling.

7. School Bus Conversions

School buses definitely have the space you need to create a great RV alternative. Plus, it's relatively easy to outfit them with sleeping quarters and all the other things you need to travel. Many have even included kitchens and bathrooms in their designs.

 8. Fire Truck Conversions

Some folks get really creative when they are looking for an alternative for an RV. Surprisingly, a fire truck makes a great option for a conversion and is pretty nice to look at as well. With this version, the entire back half of the truck has an embedded trailer instead of the traditional fire truck gear. It's also an option you can easily live full time in and still travel the country.

9. Truck Bed Tents

Truck bed tents are another great option for those who are looking for versatility and ease. With this type of setup, you can camp just about anywhere, which is great for just about anyone. There are a lot of different models of these tents, but each offers protection from the elements and all the fun you can imagine.

10. Semi-Truck Conversion

For those who abide by the motto "go big or go home," this conversion definitely accomplishes the big part. Converting an old semi into an RV alternative might not be an option for everyone, but it's a really cool option. This particular conversion features sleeping quarters, dining area and plenty of room for relaxing and enjoying the trip.

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