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Video Premiere: Tony Lucca's Longing 'Empty Handed Blues'

Even before he competed on NBC's The VoiceNashville-based singer-songwriter Tony Lucca was no stranger to the spotlight. Lucca got his start on the '90s edition of The Mickey Mouse Club along with fellow castmembers Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell and more. Lucca, now a full time musician,  moved to Music City a few years ago — a change which helped inspire his critically-acclaimed 2019 album Ain't No Storm.

Today, Wide Open Country is premiering Lucca's video for "Empty Handed Blues," a striking Americana ballad that reflects on a broken relationship.

Lucca says he wrote the song on a drive from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

"'Empty Handed Blues' was the first song I had written entirely by myself after co-writing diligently in Nashville for close to two years," Lucca tells Wide Open Country. "I've written quite a few unrequited love songs over the course of my career but it feels like this one sort of takes the cake on the whole 'woe-is-me' theme. The refrain, 'the man with nothing left to lose' pretty much sums it up. "

The video, directed by Jeremy Burchard, was filmed in an old warehouse space in East Nashville."I didn't really set out to portray various 'sides' of myself but rather just three different looks," Lucca says. "Though once I saw the first cut of the video, I realized maybe I had done just that. The three different looks seem to represent some of the various stages of my career somehow. I guess I'd say the Tony sitting down with the guitar is the most current and thus the most 'me' of the three. Clearly, it was an interesting experiment in egocentrism."

Watch the video for "Empty Handed Blues" below.

For more information on Tony Lucca, visit his official website.

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