Tom Bower Has Passed Away And 'Die Hard' Fans Are In Shambles
Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tom Bower Has Passed Away And 'Die Hard' Fans Are In Shambles

Tom Bower has passed away at the age of 86. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bower passed on May 30 in his Los Angeles home. He died in his sleep, according to his sister-in-law, Mary Miller.

Tom Bower was an iconic character actor who played Marvin in Die Hard 2, as well as Dr. Curtis Willard in the television series, The Waltons. He initially guest-starred in The Waltons as a pilot, Rex Barker. He was so well-received, however, that Bower would soon become a regular fixture on the show as the good doctor.

Initially, Bower aspired to be a professional baseball player. When that didn't quite pan out, he went to New York in 1956. There, he enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He spent a few years working as a private investigator in Boston, where he collaborated often with attorney F. Lee Bailey.

Bower also founded the Boston Repertory Theater. He gave acting lessons to one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Al Pacino.

Tom Bower's Enduring Legacy Following 'Die Hard 2' And 'The Waltons'

Tom Bower may not have been the "loudest" actor in the room, but his presence added gravitas to any film he was featured in. Even as a private eye, Bower found the time to star in the play, The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, uniting on the stage with his former student, Al Pacino. The performance would go on to win a Tony Award in 1977.

Fans on social media came together to remember Bower at his absolute best. "Dude was unique. One of a kind — can't be duplicated," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said.

Indeed, Bower was one of those faces you saw in a film and knew quality wasn't far behind. He appeared in fan-favorite shows such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The X-Files, and even Criminal Minds.

His movie appearances match his television outings in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, and The Hills Have Eyes. While he has passed on, his legacy will remain with friends and family for many years to come. Rest in Peace, Tom Bower.