Toby Keith Breaks Down Onstage Honoring 93-Year-Old Veteran [WATCH]

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Toby Keith is known for his patriotism and has been a huge supporter of the U.S. military over the years. During a recent concert in North Carolina, Keith was moved to tears by a 93-year-old veteran who shared the story of how he served his country.

On Aug. 21, Keith was wrapping up his performance at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte when he took a moment to invite a special guest onto the stage. “34 years of service… Vietnam, Korea, World War II, and he put four kids through school,” Keith explained to the crowd. “I wanted ya’ll to see what a true American hero looks like.”

Lt. Colonel Harry Frizzell joined Keith on the edge of the stage, and watched intently as he performed his 2003 hit, “American Soldier.” Keith dedicated the song to the hero who sat in his wheelchair, draped in an American flag. After rolling into a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Keith closed things out with his now legendary track, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American).”

Keith then gave Frizzell the chance to speak to the crowd, “In World War II, I was in Manila. In 1945, I got recalled for Korea, and I flew armed helicopters in Vietnam,” he said as the crowd cheered wildly. “35 years, and I’m so proud to be representing of the United States of America.”

Frizzell’s incredible story and love for his country drove Keith to wipe awaya stream tears from his face. Watch the emotional moment in the video below.

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Toby Keith Breaks Down Onstage Honoring 93-Year-Old Veteran [WATCH]