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How to Turn Toasted Marshmallows into Shot Glasses

Toasted marshmallow? And alcohol? Why has nobody thought of a toasted marshmallow shot glass before?

Forget about wowing your friends, you may want to keep this tasty food hack all to yourself. These shot glasses made out of toasted marshmallow will jazz up any campfire, party or, you know, Monday morning if you're food blogger Cheri Alberts from The Watering Mouth (watch the video below).

And it couldn't be easier. All you have to do is thoroughly toast the outside of the marshmallow while leaving the top raw. Let the mallows cool and the untoasted top will naturally collapse, leaving a small well. Fill that well with Kahlua, Bailey's or even rum or vodka--whatever your shot of choice may be (though something like Pucker probably wouldn't be your best option) and kick it back! You could even do this with your kids and use chocolate milk.

Alberts warns that the integrity of the marshmallow won't hold very long, so make sure you shoot it right away or the liquid will begin to leak out.

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And then the best part: chowing down on the liquor-infused, toasted marshmallow itself. Seriously though, how are you ever going to drink Bailey's again without a toasted marshmallow shot glass?

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How to Turn Toasted Marshmallows into Shot Glasses