This is How to Get on TLC's 'Trading Spaces' Reboot

Arguably the show that started the design craze, TLC's Trading Spaces is back. After a decade off the air, TLC announced that the popular show is returning.

If you weren't a Trading Spaces fan, here's the premise of the show: you and your neighbor trade house keys and redecorate a room in each other's homes. The kicker: you have no say in the design. Every design decision (in your room!) is up to your neighbor. The budget: $1000.

Still interested? Here's how to get cast:

You've got to live on the same street or block, and you can't just be acquaintances. As Country Living put it, "You can't just be casually acquainted to make the show, as the producers want neighbors who have good relationships and know each other well." Basically, only apply if you know your neighbors well and trust them enough to decorate a room in your house.

During the eight years on air (200-2008), "Trading Spaces" was a huge hit. Since going off-air, home renovation and home flipping shows have risen in popularity. No doubt, TLC is hoping Trading Spaces is just as successful. These are the first details to come out since their announcement a few months back about the reboot. We are still waiting for news about who the cast members will be.

The casting is open, and you can apply online. Make sure your neighbors are with you when you submit!

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