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TJ Maxx Sells a 22-Pound Bag of Chocolate So Big, You Could Hide Behind It

Do you ever wish that you could just snap your fingers and have a piece of chocolate appear? That task might be more for a chocolate genie to grant, but there is one item sold at TJ Maxx that could help you out. In a store famous for a great selection of home goods, you won't find a chocolate genie. What you will find, though, is even better, especially if you're addicted to hot chocolate.

Reddit user joycieejuice shared a photo of her dad standing with a massive 22-pound bag of chocolate from TJ Maxx. With 2,000 dark chocolate mini pieces inside, the bags are over three feet tall. In the images, she compared the chocolate to a chair and to her 5'7" dad.

A large bag of dark chocolates my parents bought at TJ Maxx that has 2000 chocolates inside. (Next to my 5'7" dad). from mildlyinteresting

The chocolate bags are about 40 inches tall exactly, and as reported by Mashable, are from ChocXO. The brand states that it takes 2 million pieces of chocolate to fill the huge bags.

While the bulk size was originally created for businesses looking to make an impression in a candy showroom or otherwise, it seems that real customers love them.

Featured in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, the bags were sold in the ChocXO holiday gift guide for about $325.

That works out to about 16 cents per chocolate piece, or $14.77 per pound.

Reddit user joycieejuice mentioned in the thread that her parents found this bag for only $120, making the chocolate about 6 cents per piece.

When it comes to TJ Maxx, you can usually find great deals on everything from skincare to outdoor patio pillows. We never would have imagined you'd find this.

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