Tiny Texas Golfer Impresses Tiger Woods with Incredible Hole-in-One

Screengrab via YouTube

A talented 11-year-old golfer blew away one of the sport’s most awarded champions with a perfect putt during a Texas tournament.

South Texas PGA junior Taylor Crozier was playing alongside Woods to help open the Playgrounds at Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas. The pair were gearing up to play a relaxed game on the property’s short 10-hole course when something remarkable happened.

Crozier confidently went up to the first hole with a crowd of supporters, including Woods, watching intently behind him. He meticulously lined up the shot before showing off his steady swing. You can hear the crowd hold their breath as the ball glides closer and closer to the hole. It drops onto the green and slides perfectly into the cup, igniting a wave of cheers and screams from the flabbergasted crowd.

It was clear that 14-time major winner Woods couldn’t believe what had just occurred. “Are you kidding me right now?” He asked with a bewildered smile before engulfing the youngster in a huge hug. It was an incredible moment that you can bet both Woods and Crozier will remember forever.

Click below to watch Taylor Crozier school champion golfer Tiger Woods with a jaw-dropping hole-in-one at the Bluejack National.

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Tiny Texas Golfer Impresses Tiger Woods with Incredible Hole-in-One