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This Unique Tiny House was Built for Adventure Lovers

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A New Zealand couple decided to think outside the box and incorporated their adventurous spirit into their own unique tiny home. What you’ll find inside will leave you envious.

Right when you pull up to the house, you’ll see that it’s much wider than a traditional tiny home. Though the dimensions make the home less portable, the additional space offers a lot more room to get creative.

With a total of nine windows, there is no lack of sunlight illuminating the main living space. Oli and Holly also have no transformable furniture as the couch uses existing cushions from another sofa. This allows them much more storage space for hiding their camping gear underneath.

The most unique part of the space you’ll find along the back of the couch – a climbing wall. This is the only way to access a loft sitting area that’s perfect for TV watching. The climbing wall is also a way to showcase the couples love of adventure. Pops of green on the wall also give a nice contrast against the wood.

Another great feature of this tiny home is the sleeping area. The couple can get away with fully standing in their sleeping loft because they lowered the ceiling above the kitchen to make space up above. That is a rarity in a tiny home.

For a full tour of the home, check out the video below.

Oli and Holly are using this tiny home as a stepping stone. The lower price point to build allows them to live in a more favorable area with much more land. They’ve been living in their home for about a year and are now looking to sell it and find a more permanent residence to someday raise a family in.

You can find out more about the home at Living Big in a Tiny House.

This Video Will Make You Hungry:

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This Unique Tiny House was Built for Adventure Lovers