This Adorable Tiny House Was Once Just a Dirty Dumpster

When you see this adorable, rustic tiny house, you'll never guess that it was once just a dirty old dumpster. The best part? It's incredibly affordable.

Bigelow Built are the folks behind this incredible renovation project. The old trash collector is now a house in Arizona that has a well-lit, spacious front porch and rustic wood details. If I saw it in my neighborhood, I'd be completely in awe of its charm.

Bigelow Built calls it the "perfect little cottage" and named it "one of our favorite getaways in Arizona." Today even reports that the renovation only cost around $13,000!

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It all started with a grey and red dumpster. After a little (OK, probably a lot) of TLC, they installed doors and cut out two small holes for the windows. The addition of the spacious front porch gives owners enough room for two small benches and a grill. The abode is decorated with beautiful hanging lights and a fun painted skull by the front door.

The tiny house is 176 square feet but doesn't have access to electricity or water. The design is meant for those who want to go "off the grid" and enjoy the stunning Arizona scenery. I'd say they definitely achieved their goal.