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Rotating Tiny House Always Keeps You Sunny-Side Up

Path Architecture

Tiny houses are all the rage. Not only are they efficient, but they help homeowners save money and reduce the amount of space they need to live their lives. But, as great as these houses are, there are ways to design them even better.

Take, for instance, the direction your home faces. One of the main focuses people have when they are deciding which direction to place their home is the sun. Both the sunset and the sunrise are beautiful, but you can’t catch both of them. Because of this, homeowners must choose whether they wish to see from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to the geniuses behind Path Architecture, there is now a way to see both. With the company’s unique 359 design, homeowners are able to stay in constant contact with the sun. This 12×12 tiny house actually rotates towards the sun, wherever it may be at in the sky. You can see the full design in the video.

There’s actually a pretty practical reason why homeowners should desire this. For example, it can help you save on your heating and cooling bills. When it’s cold, you can turn your home towards the sun, but when it’s hot, you can turn it away. Some people say they are more productive when they have constant access to sunlight as well.

While the size of the home is small, you won’t miss out on anything by living here. The home comes with every amenity you can think of as well as solar power. This version is only able to turn 359 degrees, due to plumbing and electrical connections, but the company says they have a plan to allow a complete rotation with the next design.

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Rotating Tiny House Always Keeps You Sunny-Side Up