Anna Ponomareva

This Adorable Tiny Cabin Cost Only $700 to Build

Photographer Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett were able to build their own tiny cabin in just three weeks, and it only cost them $700 to do it.

Aside from being affordable, their new DIY A-frame home is also nothing short of adorable. The couple came to fulfill their tight budget goals by following a design from tiny house superstar Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. They now have a charming tiny cabin for their guests to stay in just beside their own Missoula, Mont. home.

A big part of the "why" behind their tiny cabin's tiny budget has to do with recycled materials. Alla and Garrett got crafty in creating their guest house. For instance, the surrounding forest gave them their front steps.

One of the cabin's walls is entirely transparent. This is a common aesthetic choice from Diedricksen, who designs this way to allow natural light into his tiny homes.

That wall can also be lifted up to give the cabin an entirely different vibe. Ponomareva says there's not much worry regarding mosquitoes in Montana, so they leave it wholly open without a net throughout the summer.

The cabin's interior is just as adorable as you'd expect. The couple also saved on cost by cutting running water from the house. But there's an outdoor shower and toilet not too far away.

The two beds can push towards each other to create a larger sleeping space. The singular solar panel present on the home allows visitors to charge their phones and power other devices.

The solar panels help light the cabin up when night rolls around. Alongside those Montana stars, they make for a view you that just can't anywhere else.

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