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This Tiny Blonde Devoured a Massive Triple-Sized Burrito in Record Time

Screengrab via YouTube

The quiet and cheerful Kate Ovens looks like an average, slim university student. But this aptly named 22-year-old is actually a competitive eater, and she just set a burrito-eating record in April.

She also happens to document her many mind-blowing food challenges on her YouTube channel. Her most recent accomplishment was the Zapatista Burrito Bar’s “Belly Buster Challenge.” The challenge involves eating a triple-sized burrito made from three tortillas filled with chicken, pulled pork, rice, beans, sour cream and all the fixings.

Measuring something over 2 feet, the burrito is an unstable masterpiece of Mexican comfort food glory. The stakes are high at this dining establishment. If a challenger doesn’t eat the whole thing in under 10 minutes their picture goes straight on the restaurant’s wall of shame.

Ovens tackles the Belly Buster like she is going out for a regular lunch. Only this time she’s wearing a sombrero and needs a whole table to herself. She finished it in just 8 minutes and 12 seconds. Of course, she went straight to the wall of fame.

In fact, she’s the first woman to conquer the challenge at this British burrito bar. Now the restaurant has encouraged her to try and set an even more ambitious record of just 6 minutes and 48 seconds on its Facebook page.

Somehow, Ovens ends her awe-inspiring video with a calm, cool and collected exterior. She even ponders why she doesn’t eat burritos more often. Hats off to a woman who knows how to enjoy some serious chow.

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This Tiny Blonde Devoured a Massive Triple-Sized Burrito in Record Time