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It's Back! This Classic Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor is Back on Shelves

Wash off those spoons, clean those ice cream bowls and get yourself ready for one of Blue Bell Creamery's fan favorites.

Wash off those spoons, clean those ice cream bowls and get yourself ready for one of Blue Bell Creamery's fan favorites. Tin Roof ice cream, not to be confused with Tennessee William's play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is an ice cream flavor you have to grab everytime the Texas ice cream company rereleases it. The time is now.

Blue Bell Ice Cream describes the delectable treat as homemade vanilla ice cream with a rich chocolate fudge swirl and a sprinkling of roasted peanuts dipped in dark chocolate. Your taste buds will thank you once you take a bite.

What to know what ice creams are currently available? Check out the list of current flavors in stores.

blue bell ice cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Mardi Gras King Cake

  • Cinnamon cake flavored ice cream with pastry pieces and colorful cream cheese swirl.

French Vanilla

  • Creamy vanilla ice cream made with extra eggs, making it extra smooth.

Mooo Bars

  • Vanilla frozen dessert coated with chocolate.

Fudge Bars

  • Frozen fudge dessert on a stick!

Homemade Vanilla

  • It doesn't get any more classic than this!

Dutch Chocolate

  • Creamy chocolate ice cream made with the best-of-the-best imported chocolate.

Cookies 'n Cream

  • Vanilla ice cream combined with chocolate crème cookies.

The Great Divide

  • Can't decide between chocolate and vanilla? This one's for you.

Moo-llennium Crunch

  • This one is nutty! Vanilla ice cream swirled with dark chocolate chunks, creamy caramel chunks, roasted pecans, chopped almonds, and walnut pieces.

Cookie Two Step

  • Time to dance, creamy vanilla ice cream is swirled with chocolate crème-filled cookies and tasty chocolate chip cookie dough pieces

Mint Chocolate Chip

  • Mint ice cream is sprinkled with chocolate chip pieces.

Pecan Pralines 'n Cream

  • Vanilla ice cream topped with praline sauce and praline-coated pecans.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  • Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and bits of dark chocolate.

Bride's Cake

  • Luxiourous almond ice cream with white cake pieces and an amaretto cream cheese icing swirl.

Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla

  • Homemade vanilla ice cream blended with fresh strawberries.

Rocky Road

  • A classic, this chocolate ice cream is sprinkled with roasted almonds and miniature marshmallows.

Ultimate Neopolitan

  • Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla all in one container. 

Natural Vanilla Bean

  • Made with real vanilla beans!

Banana Pudding

  • Banana ice cream pairs great with whipped topping and vanilla wafers.

Milk Chocolate

  • Creamy chocolate ice cream made with cocoa and fresh milk.


  • Creamy strawberry ice cream swirled with fresh strawberries.

Pistachio Almond

  • Feeling fancy? Pistachio ice cream is combined with roasted almonds.

Cherry Vanilla

  • This would be great in a Coke float! Maraschino cherry halves are mixed into vanilla ice cream. Yes, please!


  • Perk up with creamy ice cream made with natural coffee beans.

Black Walnut

  • Available in certain cities, this black walnut flavored ice cream is so rich and smooth.

Chocolate Chip

  • Delectable vanilla ice cream mixed with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Buttered Pecan

  • This favorite has been on the shelves for more than 40 years. Rich butter pecan ice cream swirled with salted pecan halves.

Butter Crunch

Don't worry, there aren't solid chunks of butter in this ice cream. Rather, this vanilla ice cream is loaded with chocolate peanut butter candy.

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