Tim McGraw Praises Tradition in New Single, 'How I'll Always Be'

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Tim McGraw praises the traditions of life, love and country music in his brand new single, "How I'll Always Be."

Over the last few years, McGraw has perfected his own brand of reflective, down-home country that takes nods from adult contemporary hits. It's a much different type of country music than his early, twangier hits.

Still, he's managed to make that musical transition smoothly and his fans are as dedicated as ever. McGraw's latest single, "How I'll Always Be," is a great representation of the artist he as grown to be over the last twenty years.

Much like his previous hits "My Next Thirty Years," "Southern Voice," and "Watch the Wind Blow By," McGraw reflects on his country-loving persona and explains how those traits make him the person he is and always will be.

Along with the expected nods to cold beer, the church and a great woman, McGraw also takes a moment to remind listeners that he's still a supporter of traditional country music. "I'm a little more ol' Hank Williams than that trendy crap," he says, casually taking a swipe at the other country artists who sit alongside him on the charts.

Although McGraw doesn't tackle anything new or experimental on this track, it's one that will surely connect with his longtime fans who can't get enough of his polished but somewhat formulaic sound.

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Tim McGraw Praises Tradition in New Single, 'How I'll Always Be'