Tim McGraw's 'Humble and Kind' Has a Message the World Needs Right Now

Tim McGraw's new song, "Humble and Kind", and its accompanying video deliver a message that aims to better all of humanity.

Bet you didn't think you'd read a line like that about a Tim McGraw song.

But really, McGraw's new track off his latest release, Damn Country Music, is a refreshing piece of pop-country that will make you think about how you treat others and approach your own life.

The song, written by Lori McKenna, the genius behind "Girl Crush", is essentially a series of ways you can stay "humble and kind".

"Hold the door, say please, say thank you / Don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie / I know you got mountains to climb but always stay humble and kind."

It's a simple message, but McGraw's emotional investment in the song really makes it click with the listener.

"This song is so special to me," McGraw wrote. "I really wanted a video that showed the universality of the message of Humble and Kind."

The video shows vignettes of people from cultures all over the world; the idea being that we're all humans, and we should treat one another like good people.

The message of the song doesn't drown you with schmaltz, because it is so simple and relatable. If there's any excess going on here, it's the song's bombastic climax, but that kind of production suits this type of anthem song and McGraw's style.

So job well done, Tim McGraw. In a day and age where we're so closed off from one another and often fearful of the cultures beyond our borders, you've put out a simple message we should see more often in pop culture.

But you to make up your own mind about the song. Watch the video for "Humble and Kind" in the player below.

Tim McGraw also launched in conjunction with the new single and the video. The site encourages users to share random acts of kindness and promote the universal message of the song.

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Tim McGraw's 'Humble and Kind' Has a Message the World Needs Right Now