Tim McGraw Keeps Singing After Falling Off Stage

Screengrab via YouTube

Tim McGraw took a little spill on stage during his concert at Harvey's Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena on July 23.

The 49-year-old singer was playing his hit song, "All I Want is a Life," to the crowd just before his fall. The country star leaned against a metal railing at the front of the stage for the first half of the song. When he pushed away to shake hands with fans, he took a wrong step, lost his balance and fell into the crowd.

The video below catches all the action. You can see around the 0:29 mark where McGraw disappears for a few moments, but makes a quick recovery. There are a few seconds of silence as McGraw pulls himself back up. Once he regains his composure, he finishes out the song like a champ. He even high-fives and slaps hands with the crowd in front of him as if he didn't miss a beat.

McGraw is currently touring in celebration of his most recent album, Damn Country Music. "Humble and Kind," one of the most influential songs of 2016, recently became his 28th career No. 1.

McGraw will perform at the 2016 Concert for Legends in Canton, Ohio this Friday, Aug. 5. The concert will precede the enshrinement ceremony for the official 2016 NFL Hall of Fame Inductees. Inductees include quarterback Brett Favre, linebacker/defensive end Kevin Greene and former NFL player and coach Tony Dungy.

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Tim McGraw Keeps Singing After Falling Off Stage