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Tim McGraw Drops Spanish Version of 'Humble and Kind'

"I've said repeatedly that 'Humble and Kind' has a universal message, so singing the song in Spanish, for me, is a way to really stand up to that statement," Tim McGraw told Billboard. McGraw recently recorded and released a new version of this hit song off of his 2015 record, Damn Country Music, completely in Spanish.

The captivatingly beautiful Spanish version of the track has been translated to "Nunca Te Olvides De Amar," meaning "Never Forget to Love." In order to allow the song's message to stay strong and to rhyme and flow rhythmically, the lyrics were translated by Claudia Brant. The song maintains its message of gentleness and respect to others though the phrasing has undergone adaptations.

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McGraw knows that his Spanish might not reach scholarly levels, but he recognizes the importance of trying to speak another language. "My Spanish may not be perfect, my accent may not be perfect, but if I can reach out and touch someone in a language that's not my own - that's a good enough reason enough to try," he said.

The original music video for "Humble and Kind" debuted in January 2016, so with the release of the Spanish version of the song, the video has been reintroduced. It features the same shots of people from around the world celebrating and experiencing life, along with shots of McGraw performing the song, though this time, the video has been stratigically edited to disguise McGraw's lipsynching in English.

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