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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Promote Voter Registration in New Video

On Thursday, Tim McGraw tweeted, "We make a difference in every single step along the path of our democracy. It's up to all of us to register, vote, & make our voices heard. Join @WhenWeAllVote at http://whenweallvote.org" along with a PSA video featuring himself and wife Faith Hill as they encourage Americans to register and vote.

McGraw and Hill got involved with the When We All Vote organization and took part in the PSA spreading across social media as sort of the "country music ambassadors" of the important message. In the video lead by former First Lady Michelle Obama, she says, "Our democracy, in the country we love requires our attention, voice and particpation."

Joined by actor Tom Hanks, Houston Rockets' Chris Paul, Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda and singer Janelle Monae, McGraw and Hill drive home the point of the video by relating to viewers that they can make an impact if they vote in each and every election - from Senate officials, to school board members, to the president.

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Filmed on stage in front of their band during the Soul2Soul Tour, Hill states in the video, "Every community we visit, it's important for them to know that they can really make a difference if they go and vote in every election."

Though When We All Vote is a nonpartisan organization, this power couple hasn't remained silent about some of their political preferences. The couple endorsed "common-sense" gun control following the shooting during the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas last year.

McGraw and Hill are currently finishing up their Soul2Soul: The World Tour. The duo's tour began with 80 dates in North America and was extended into 2018 with over 25 additional shows, taking them outside of the U.S. and reaching a collective crowd of nearly one million people.

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