Hear Tim McGraw's Throwback Cover of The Cars' 'Drive'

Tim McGraw revisited a high school mix tape by cutting his own version of The Cars' 1984 pop-rock hit "Drive."

While the original toned down The Cars' angular guitar riffs in favor of a sultry adult contemporary sound, McGraw keeps the 80's vibes and warm synths at the forefront while also sprinkling in some vocal twang and slide guitar.

The Cars' recording came from the 1984 album Heartbeat City. It was written by band member Benjamin Orr and produced by Shania Twain's future husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange.

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"I love finding cover songs for my albums. we've done 'Suspicions,' 'Tiny Dancer,' 'Stars Go Blue' - for the next album, I really wanted to find something cool & unique," wrote McGraw on Twitter. "'Drive' was one we covered in bars back in the day, and it still reminds me of high school."

The Cars maintain an audience through classic rock radio and the exposure that comes with a 2018 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Considering the Cars comparisons drawn by Sturgill Simpson's "Sing Along," their slick-sounding rock records made a bigger impact on future country stars than some might realize.

It's McGraw's first new music since another potential album cut, "Thought About You," arrived late last year. No word yet on when we should expect McGraw's 15th solo album.

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Hear Tim McGraw's Throwback Cover of The Cars' 'Drive'