Tim McGraw Describes His Toughest Gigs on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Tim McGraw shares some of his scariest moments as a struggling musician with Jimmy Kimmel.

It's hard to imagine after such an accomplished career that Tim McGraw didn't always have it easy. He recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and explained some of the struggles he had to go through before he became a household name.

Before his breakout success, McGraw went from show to show in a van - a far cry from the dozens of semis and buses that accompany his sold-out stadium tours these days.

"We called it our Cheech and Chong van riding around back in those days," McGraw told Kimmel. "We pulled a U-Haul trailer, we traveled all over the country playing music."

At one venue, McGraw even noticed bullet holes behind the stage that were from a shooting the night before.

"We were hoping we would be good enough that they wouldn't shoot at us," McGraw said with a laugh. Although now it's just a funny story to tell on a talk show, those experiences are a big part of what struggling musicians go through on a daily basis."
"That's part of any band coming up, you have to play in some rough places, especially as a country singer. I think that's sort of part of your repertoire."
Tim McGraw is currently gearing up for his massive Shotgun Rider Tour, which will kick off June 5 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Tim McGraw Describes His Toughest Gigs on 'Jimmy Kimmel'