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Tim McGraw Won Over Faith Hill With a Plate of Chicken and Dumplings

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a country music power couple, each talented in their own right and devoted to their other half. These two country stars have been together for over 20 years and are still going strong. As Tim McGraw recently revealed, their courtship began with a plate of chicken and dumplings.

The Way to Faith Hill's Heart

It turns out that Tim McGraw, a Louisiana native, is more than just a talented singer and songwriter; he's also an excellent cook, and he recently explained that his cooking was part of how he managed to w00 Faith Hill.

"Chicken and dumplings is a big go-to at our house, McGraw shared. "That's sort of how I hooked Faith, with chicken and dumplings."

"We were touring together. I didn't know her too well, but she lived right down the road from me and I made some chicken and dumplings. I thought, you know, I'll take some chicken and dumplings and some cornbread down to Faith Hill and see how that works," the country singer recalled.

The rest is history! Tim McGraw still makes the legendary recipe for his wife every once in a while. "I still cook them every now and then to see if it still works," he joked.

How It All Began

The country music superstars were on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour in 1996 when it all began. Faith Hill had previously been married to music executive Daniel Hill, who she'd met when she first moved to Nashville, Tennessee. At the start of the fated tour, she was engaged to record producer Scott Hendricks, and McGraw was in a long-term relationship.

However, the two musicians had a connection that was so powerful that they came to the same conclusion- no matter what their plans had been before meeting, they had an undeniable bond that needed to be explored.

When the couple got engaged, they were playing at a country music festival. Before McGraw went on stage, he romantically proposed via a note in their shared dressing room.

"I had a big mirror that was in there, and right before I went onstage, I wrote 'Will you be my wife?'... I mean, 'Will you marry me?' and I went onstage, and when I came offstage, she had written 'I am going to be your wife, yes.' And so, we still have that mirror."

The Romance Continues

Tim McGraw and Faith Hills' love was on full display in the duets that they released in the '90's, "It's your Love," "Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me," and "Let's Make Love," which they won a Grammy for.

The two went on the Soul2Soul Tour in 2000, which they repeated in 2007, showcasing their talent and love for their millions of adoring fans once again. They then took a break from the music industry to raise their three lovely daughters, Gracie, Maggie Elizabeth and Audrey Caroline.

Then, in 2017, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill wowed us again with a duet album, The Rest of Our Life. They performed songs from the sets in another Soul2Soul World Tour, traveling around the world and adding to their already impressive reputation as country superstars.

Now It's Been 25 Years!

This coming October will be the couple's 25th wedding anniversary! With 25 years of marriage under their belt and still going strong, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have the kind of love that many, country music fans or not, aspire to have.

On the Today show, Tim McGraw explained their success with "In the car, I drive. In the relationship, she drives. We make decisions about things in different ways, but we always talk about it before we do it."

Not to mention, they've won eight Grammys, produced many Billboard chart-topping hits, and have won countless Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs). The couple's most devoted fans have kept up with them on social media throughout the covid-19 pandemic, but we can only hope that someday soon we can watch another groundbreaking performance.

In the meantime, it's a safe bet that Tim McGraw will continue to woo his wife Faith Hill with his famously delicious chicken and dumplings.

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