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Siblings Tim and Tyne Daly Shared the Screen on 'Madame Secretary'

Tim Daly and his sister Tyne couldn't be more different on paper. Tyne Daly, 10 years older than her brother, is a six-time Emmy Award winning actress who has led an incredible dramatic career on the stage. Tim is known for playing do-gooder characters like Dr. Pete Wilder on the ABC Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice and Henry McCord on Madam Secretary. But despite all the differences, the siblings are close, having grown up in a household that really valued performing as a profession.

Growing up in New York City as the children of two actors (Mary Hope and James Daly) definitely had its effect on Tim and Tyne.

"Growing up, theatre was our temple," Tim explained to Playbill. "It was a holy place. You were humbled before this amazing thing."

"It wasn't about you," Tyne added. "You were supposed to be in service of it. It was not supposed to be in service of you. The life lesson from my parents for me was that acting was not only a noble profession, but a useful profession that people actually couldn't do without, what you were up to was something to be honored."

"I do think our profession is necessary," she continued. "And it sustains me to think that there's a whole lot of other people in the history of human beings that have suffered before and been nervous before and been fierce about it before and that makes me feel comforted."

It's no wonder the Daly siblings (two of a total of four) were so driven as aspiring actors. Tim obtained a Theater degree from Bennington College in Vermont before returning to New York to pursue acting full time. He started appearing in numerous TV shows like Hill Street Blues, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Almost Grown, Wings, Superman: The Animated Series, From the Earth to the Moon, The Fugitive, Storm of the Century, HBO's The Sopranos, Hot in Cleveland, The Mindy Project, Hawaii Five-0, The Nine, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and even the films Made in Heaven, Low Down, Edge of America In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco, Justice League: Doom, The Object of my Affection, and more.

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Meanwhile, Tyne is best known for playing Alice Henderson in ChristyMaxine Gray in Judging Amy, winning a Tony Award in 1990 for the Broadway revival of Gypsy, and playing Det. Mary Beth Lacey in Cagney & Lacey. She's recognized as one of the great actresses of her time, and clearly, her brother agrees.

"Tyne is so amazingly adept at knowing how to make moments work for an audience and how long to hold things and how to keep people excited and...uncomfortable, but also surprised," he explained to Playbill. "That's an incredible kind of technique that she has that I will always like to learn from," he confesses. "But there's a ferocity to Tyne's work and it's so compelling. It's like you can't take your eyes off her because she has the kind of energy that is riveting."

Over the years, the siblings have actually only collaborated a handful of times here and there on each other's respective TV series. They appeared opposite each other in the play Downstairs, and Tyne even appeared in the series finale of her brother's CBS show, Madam Secretary. On the show, Tim plays the onscreen husband to Tea Leoni who plays President Elizabeth McCord, former Secretary of State. He even fell in love with his costar in real life! In Tyne's appearance, she plays an Ohio senator.

"I just said 'come play with me' and she was able to do it," Tim explained to EW. "The powers that be had been looking for something for her for a while and it all just kind of fell into place. The stars aligned."

Outside of acting, another thing the Daly siblings have in common is they are both parents. Tim shares two children with his ex-wife Amy Van Nostrand — Sam (an actor quickly adding roles to his IMDB) and Emelyn. Tyne also has three children with her ex-husband Georg Stanford Brown. Tim is also passionate about non-profit work, actively involved in the group The Creative Coalition.

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