Tiger Found Roaming the Streets of Conroe, Texas

Conroe Police Department

Well, here’s one you don’t see every day.

Police picked up a loose tiger wandering the streets of Conroe, Texas on Thursday morning. Worried residents called the Conroe Police Department after they saw the juvenile female tiger strolling down roadways.

One resident had an almost terrifying encounter with the wayward feline. According to, Johnathan Gressner stumbled on the animal crouching in some bushes and shaking its rear. Instead of running away, Gressner waited to see what the tiger would do.

“Out of nowhere it took off running towards me, put her paws on my shoulders and started licking me in the face,” said Gressner. “I was really scared at first.”


So who’s the tiger’s owner? Nobody knows. The Conroe Police Department is asking the owner to come forward.

“At this point, we don’t even know if the animal’s original home is here in Conroe,” said police spokeswoman Dorcy McGinnis.

In Texas, you can legally own a tiger, but you have to register it and have unique exotic animal insurance policy. Apparently, Conroe has stricter exotic animal laws, so it may not even be from that town.

C’mon people — keep an eye on your tigers.

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Tiger Found Roaming the Streets of Conroe, Texas