Thor, Lost Texan Pit Bull, Found Far from Home Following May Floods

What was the farthest you traveled when you were only 16 months old? I'm guessing it isn't as far as this pit bull, Thor, who was picked up in Crescent City, California after evacuating the flood waters in San Marcos, Texas.

According to KEIM, Thor's owners were forced to leave him and their two other dogs behind during the severe flooding evacuation in May. In October, he was picked up by the Del Norte County Animal Shelter in California, a whopping few thousand miles from home.

Though it's unclear how exactly Thor the pit bull made it all the way to California, he was last seen leaping out of a pickup truck that unfortunately left him behind. However, he was taken to a shelter, where he was identified as a true Texan pup.

Luckily, Thor was microchipped and his owners were contacted soon after he arrived. "In this case, it was one of those rare situations where an animal was chipped and the information was correct," Justin Riggs, director of Del Norte County Animal Control, said.

Thor's two other pup siblings were reunited with their family soon after the evacuation in May, but now they know that Thor was just making his way to the sunny west coast, possibly in search of better weather.

The pit bull does have a return trip home planned by the grace of a kind long-haul truck driver who volunteered to return Thor to his homestead after his owners realized they couldn't afford the $1,500 estimated cost to return him.

However, following the heavy rains over Halloween weekend in Texas, Thor's return trip was delayed once again as his owners were forced to evacuate again. In the meantime, Riggs told NBC News that the Del Norte County Animal Shelter "will take care of Thor as long as they need to."

We think Thor would be the perfect candidate for the next "Homeward Bound" movie, if another one makes its way to the big screen, and we wish him a safe and incredibly happy trip home.

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Thor, Lost Texan Pit Bull, Found Far from Home Following May Floods