Thomas Rhett Military Moms
The Purple Bag Project – Mother’s Day Brunch with Thomas Rhett in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Saturday, April 13, 2019. (Photo by Jack Dempsey for Crown Royal)

Watch Thomas Rhett Reunite Military Moms With Their Active Duty Sons and Daughters For Mother's Day

Thomas Rhett recently teamed up with Crown Royal to honor Mothers Of Military (M.O.M.) servicemen and women and give them the give the greatest Mother's Day gift any mom could ask for. The moms thought they were headed to Florida to meet with Rhett and help prepare care packages for active duty service members overseas, but the singer had other plans. As seen in the video above, Rhett and Crown Royal arranged a surprise reunion with their sons and daughters currently serving in the military.

"There's no one more generous than moms, especially the moms of those who serve our country," Rhett says.

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The service members presented their moms with M.O.M. medals to show their gratitude.

"It's incredible to continue partnering with Crown Royal on The Purple Bag Project, especially when we get to recognize the generosity of Mothers Of Military," Thomas Rhett said in a statement. "It was really special to honor these women for Mother's Day and it was a privilege to spend time with the moms who helped raise such brave men and women. I am so grateful to them and their families for their sacrifice."

Rhett will release his new album Center Point Road on May 31. He'll kick off his 2019 Very Hot Summer Tour on May 17.

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