Thomas Rhett Grabs Fifth And Fastest No. 1 With ‘Die A Happy Man’

Thomas Rhett grabbed his fifth overall No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart just before the year ended with his single “Die A Happy Man”. The tune was Rhett’s fastest No. 1, taking only 13 weeks on the charts to get there. His second-fastest single, “Crash and Burn”, made it to No. 1 in 23 weeks.

So far, Rhett has yet to release a single as a solo artist that didn’t top the chart. He had his first in 2013 with “It Goes Like This”, followed by 2014’s “Get Me Some Of That”, and 2015’s “Make Me Wanna” and “Crash and Burn”.


Ironically, although it was the fastest to go No. 1, “Die A Happy Man” is the first Rhett single to slow down the tempo and strive for something a little deeper lyrically. Rhett penned the love song for his high school sweetheart wife. But, as a few folks have pointed out, the song also bears a strong resemblance to Ed Sheeran’s 2014 mega-hit, “Thinking Out Loud” (which bares a strong resemblance to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”).

That fact alone may be the reason “Die A Happy Man” is also bubbling under on the Adult Pop Songs chart. If more stations pick it up, it could be one of the rare country crossover successes of the upcoming year. 2015 saw crossover success for Little Big Town‘s “Girl Crush”, which reached No. 1 on Country Airplay, No. 23 on Adult Contemporary and No. 29 on Adult Top 40.

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Thomas Rhett Grabs Fifth And Fastest No. 1 With ‘Die A Happy Man’