Craving You Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Hear Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Go Pop with New Single 'Craving You'

Yes, we are still entering the early days of spring, but Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris just released what will likely go down as one of the biggest songs of the summer.

"Craving You" features the heavily pop-leaning sound that we've all come to expect from Rhett. Pairing him up with Morris, who also infuses plenty of pop, soul and R&B into her own sound, seems like a smart match. And unsurprisingly, their voices lineup well, although Morris obviously deserves much more than just a backing vocal slot.

While the lyrics aren't anything groundbreaking or deep, that's just fine. Much like Rhett's most recent releases, it's meant to be fun, flirty and almost irritatingly catchy. "Craving You" certainly checks all those boxes.

Click below to hear "Craving You" in all its 80s-inspired glory.

Now, if you're looking for a pure country song, you won't find it here. And honestly, both of these artists are stronger when they travel into that pop realm. But before you get your Levis in a bunch and ask, "How is this considered country?", let's remember where Top 40 country music is right now. With duets like "The Fighter" and "God, Your Mama and Me" finding success on the country charts, why shouldn't "Craving You" be up there, too?

Rhett and Morris are set to perform the duet on stage for the first time at this weekend's ACM Awards in Las Vegas. Visit Wide Open Country this Sunday for full live coverage of the event.

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