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This Naval Spy Base Could Be Yours for $1M

The Navy built Sugar Grove Station back in the 1960s out in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Now they want to get it off their hands and sell it to the highest bidder.

The 120-acre spy base compound housed up to 400 Navy personnel and their families.

A press release for this expansive property more subtly calls it a "United States Spy Compound" for "advanced communications research." After over 50 years of activity, the base closed down operations in September 2015.

What's Inside?

The base looks like a small town with all the amenities tucked into 105 well-maintained buildings. They include 80 single-family homes and 106 dormitory-style rooms. It also boasts fire and police stations, a retail complex, a bowling alley, a food service building, a pool, a fitness center and recreational areas.

Sugar Grove Base 3
Sugar Grove Base 2

The federal agency attempted to give the retro naval base over to the West Virginia government for free, according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail. They even suggested it could be transformed into a women's correctional facility. The state government refused the base because of the cost to convert and maintain the property.

On the Market

The lack of state interest led to a general auction for the property. Now anyone with a large chunk of cash to invest has the chance to grab onto this piece of Navy history. This property has been on auction since February. However, interested parties only have until July 20, 2016, to make their bids.

Sugar Grove Base 5
Sugar Grove Base 1

The starting bid is $1,000,000. However, with all that powerful history and stellar views behind it, the final price could be substantially higher. The views of the surrounding hills alone could make this place worth the investment.

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This Naval Spy Base Could Be Yours for $1M