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Would-Be Thief Gets a Taste of Small Town Justice


When you live in a small town, most people try and look out for each other. And when one kind man found himself chasing after a thief, it didn't take long for the criminal to get served with some country-style justice.

When Larry Garrett heard a knock at the door, he found 25-year-old Sean Lee waiting with a sad story to tell: "I need to get some gas, from Seattle, my wife's having a baby in Lewiston and I'm out of gas."

The 69-year-old invited Lee inside and even prepared a plate of food for the man. Moments later, he realized his wallet had disappeared.

Lee instantly ran for the door and tried to make it to his car. Unfortunately for him, Garrett's cousin, Lowell, was waiting outside. Lowell grabbed Lee by the shirt and wrestled him onto the pavement.

With the help of a few others from the neighborhood, Lowell hogtied Lee with some plastic ties. Instead of moving him onto the sidewalk, he chose to leave Lee sitting in the middle of the street until the police arrived.

This post was originally published on August 1, 2016.