This Amazing New Walkway Gives You a Bird’s-Eye View of the Adirondacks

A unique new attraction gives visitors the opportunity to see the scenic Adirondacks like never before.

The Wild Center, a natural history site in Adirondack Park located in Tupper Lake, N.Y., recently opened Wild Walk. The attraction is an extensive elevated pathway, hovering up to 45 feet above the tree line of the forest. This destination isn't just a boring series of walkways. There's an amazing four-story tree house, swinging bridges and a giant "spider web" where guests can sit and enjoy the scenery. All of these fun features are connected by the extensive bridge system weaving across the park. Ultimately, the attraction is a great, family-friendly way to learn more about the visually breathtaking and historic area.

One of the coolest parts of the park is the giant eagle's nest, built as a way of making visitors feel like they're getting a bird's-eye view of the mountain range. The attraction is one of those rare spots giving you a completely different perspective of surroundings you might take for granted on first glance.

"It's not that you might have never climbed a tree, or looked out a window at a scene, it's simply that walking along the treetops in a place you have never been," Derek Prior, the leader of Wild Walk's graphics team, said of the attraction, "you just see everything in a different light, and can start to imagine how our regular point of view, that seemed pretty big, is really just fractional."

Wild Walk will stay open through the fall, as long as weather conditions are favorable. You can find out more about how to plan your own visit to Wild Walk at the attraction's official website.

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This Amazing New Walkway Gives You a Bird’s-Eye View of the Adirondacks