This Unique Outdoor Swing is the Perfect Summer Splurge

There's really nothing more satisfying than being able to relax in the quiet of the outdoors, and with the newest creation of this outdoor swing by Kodama Homes you can now do it in style.

Kodama Homes takes the love of the hammock to another level. The Zome offers a spacious way to lounge as you softly swing in the breeze. Suspended above the ground the pendulum motion is just enough to bring a calm solace.

Kodama Zomes

Whether you're looking to take a nap, read a book, admire the stars or immerse in conversations with friends, you'll be able to do it all in this multi-functional swing. Many have even used it as their own personal sheath to practice yoga.

The possibilities are endless.

With a price tag of around $5,000, the Zome is available in many different colors and fully customizable to match any interior or exterior décor. For those who take the plunge, the unique and intriguing design seems as if it would be worth every penny.

Kodama Zomes

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This Unique Outdoor Swing is the Perfect Summer Splurge