This Texas Town is Now Home to the World's Largest Knife

Houston Chronicle

The small town of Bowie, Texas is now home to the largest knife in the world.

Earlier this week, the 20-foot tall, 3,000-pound sculpture was unveiled during a special ceremony that drew a huge crowd of onlookers. According to the Houston Chronicle, the giant bowie knife has a blade made of stainless steel and was constructed to withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour, an inch of ice and even an earthquake.

So why is Bowie now the home to this massive statue? Both the town and the knife were named after Jim Bowie, the 19th-century American pioneer who died while fighting at the Alamo.

The idea for the roadside spectacle was thought up by resident Bob Hadley, who was killed in a car crash three years before the project came to life. A plaque honoring Hadley has been placed at the base of the knife to honor his creative achievement.

Diana Thomlinson, executive director of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce, says she hopes that the new addition will bring more curious tourists to their town. She says they also plan to hold a special event in June to commemorate the knife's official entry into the record books.

"It will be a record," Thomlinson said. "We're intending to have (officials for Guinness World Records) at our dedication ceremony."

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This Texas Town is Now Home to the World's Largest Knife