Texas Man Buys Tank, Parks It in Ritzy Houston Neighborhood


I know we can all get a little irritated with our neighbors sometimes for parking in the street or leaving their trash cans out too long after trash day, but this Texas man took the cake when he parked his Sherman Tank in his driveway.

According to Popular Mechanics, Houston Attorney Tony Buzbee bought a World War II-era M4A4 Sherman Tank from a Military Museum in France that was closing down and selling off their exhibits. The tank is said to have participated in the Normandy beach invasion and the subsequent liberation of France.

Though the tank has been "demilitarized" (meaning had all its munitions removed) it is still a functioning vehicle.

Buzbee appreciates the tank for its symbolism fighting fascism. "This is a piece of American history that fought the Germans," Buzbee said to KRIV. "There's been this issue with this Alt Right and all that foolishness, and these people popping up in our country. This tank and the five men that rode in this tank, that landed at Normandy, they fought the Nazis, they liberated Paris, they beat the Germans and here it is now a piece of history sitting in my front yard and I think it's a testament to our United States and if somebody's offended by it, you know, you're never gonna make everybody happy."

Houston is rather famous in Texas for not having any zoning laws, but Buzbee lives in River Oaks, which is one of the classiest neighborhoods in the city.

River Oaks, for those of you with no frame of reference, is home to prominent Houstonians. It's full of multi-million dollar mansions, one of which now has a tank in the driveway.

On one hand, the history associated with the tank makes it super cool. On the other hand, though, it probably doesn't fit in amongst the glittering mansions and verdant lawns.

As you'd expect, Buzbee received a warning notice from the homeowners association. The notice states that the tank "impedes traffic" and "causes a safety issue". However, the attorney says that it doesn't violate any ordinances.

Like you'd imagine any grown-up boy would want to do, Buzbee plans to take the tank to his ranch in East Texas and roll over cars with it.

"Eventually I'll put it somewhere where little kids can get up on it and parents can take pictures," he said.

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Texas Man Buys Tank, Parks It in Ritzy Houston Neighborhood