This Texas Family Has an Enormous 120-Pound Rodent as a Pet

Facebook/Jackie Coleman Wren

Most people would call the exterminator at the first sight of a giant rodent running around. However, this Texas family's household rodent actually has its own bed and a place at the dinner table.

The huge 120-pound rodent named Chico is actually a world champion pet. It is officially the world's largest rodent in existence.

Chico, who shares a home with Jackie Coleman Wren and her family, is a Capybara. According to National Geographic, these creatures usually live in South America and are semi-aquatic. But this one has been living in the Wren residence since 2014.

You can get a better look at this unique pet and its relationship with the family in this video.

When interviewed by MySanAntonio, Wren said that she's "always had a tendency towards rodents or unusual pets." Chico has been living in the home since he was 10 days old. Wren drove to Pearland, a town 11 hours away, to pick him up. When she brought him home, he tipped the scales at 4 pounds. Now, he's a whopping 120 pounds and could grow even larger.

While this is definitely not a mainstream pet, there are actually about a dozen Capybaras living in the U.S. But, before you go about adding one of these cool pets to your collection, you should think about their care. Specialty veterinarian care is necessary for these critters, and you might not have access to one. You can find out more about how to care for a Capybara here.

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This Texas Family Has an Enormous 120-Pound Rodent as a Pet